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OLYCOP is a brand dedicated to designing and manufacturing exquisite home design products using copper tubes and fittings. As founders, we believed that elegance lies in simplicity, and so we set out to create pieces that effortlessly blend form and function. Each OLYCOP creation is a testament to the brand's philosophy of combining urban living with artistic finesse. The team of talented designers and artisans poured their hearts into each piece, ensuring that they not only serve a purpose but also adorn homes with an air of refinement. OLYCOP's journey was a constant source of inspiration. As they explored the limitless possibilities of copper, they created innovative products that add a touch of luxury to everyday life. From the sumptuous towel racks that adorn bathrooms to the sleek V60 coffee tables that grace kitchens, each design is a signature of OLYCOP's commitment to excellence. But OLYCOP's story is not just about making products; it's about creating experiences. Each piece was designed to resonate in the hearts of those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the allure of urban elegance. As OLYCOP continues its journey, it aims to redefine the boundaries of design and elevate the concept of living space. Inspired by copper, they dream of touching lives and leaving an indelible mark on the world of home decor, one elegant creation at a time. Welcome to the land of OLYCOP - where copper handicrafts find the perfect expression of stories of delicacy and the art of living.

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Recycled , Natural


Natural element Copper


Premium quality handcrafted

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