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In Which Regions Are Olive Trees Found?

The regions where olives are grown the most in Turkey are places with favorable climates for the product. Olives are mostly grown in the Aegean Region, but this product is also cultivated in the Southern Marmara, Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia regions. The common feature of these regions is that they have hot climate conditions. However, the quantity and quality of the product grown in each region may not be the same. It is known that the most numerous and highest yielding olives grow in the Aegean Region.

There is also olive cultivation in the Mediterranean Region. Olives are grown in the provinces of Antalya, Mersin, Adana, Hatay and Osmaniye. Apart from these regions, there are also olive trees in Gaziantep, Mardin, Şanlıurfa and Adıyaman in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. However, the yield of olives grown in this region is low. Additionally, it is among the regions where olive cultivation is carried out in Southern Marmara.

Olives are grown in Balıkesir, Bursa and Çanakkale in Southern Marmara. Apart from these regions, there is also a small amount of olive cultivation in the Black Sea Region, which has a temperate climate. In the Black Sea region; There are olive trees in provinces such as Samsun and Kastamonu. Additionally, olives are grown in Artvin Yusufeli. The reason why olives are grown in Artvin is the microclimate. The warmth created here by the effect of the foehn winds allows olive cultivation in Artvin.

olive woods
Olive wood drying process

As Olyhome, in our olywud series products, we recycle the parts we collect from the olive tree rejuvenation pruning done on the olive trees in the Balıkesir region so that they can produce more olives every year and bring them to your homes.

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